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Let’s go through the steps of performing this posture:

Start by lying down on your stomach, feeling the connection between your body and the floor. Place your hands close to your shoulders, palms pressing gently against the ground.

As you settle into this position, take a mindful breath in and gradually lift your upper body off the ground. You’ll feel a gentle stretch along your front, from your abdomen to your chest. Allow your hands to support you as you lift, maintaining a comfortable balance.

While you’re in this lifted position, ensure that your hips and toes are aligned in a straight line, making contact with the floor. This alignment helps you maintain a steady and balanced stance, contributing to the effectiveness of the pose.

Embrace this posture for a duration of 20 to 30 seconds. Feel the engagement in your core muscles and the stretch across your front. As you experience this sensation, remember to continue breathing naturally, allowing each breath to infuse you with a sense of presence and calm.

When the time feels right, gently lower your upper body back down to the floor, releasing the pose. Feel the gradual reconnection between your body and the ground as you let go of the lift. You might sense a soothing sensation as you relax.


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