King Charles causing ‘more damage’ by delaying apology for slavery


King Charles in the past has acknowledged the historical slavery that has plagued the royal family, however, has never apologised for it.

Now that the Dutch king has taken that step, the monarch is urged to bring his attention towards issues that concern his subjects.

In her comment piece for, royal expert Daniela Elser highlighted a “dire need” to change his strategy and make a serious statement about historical slavery that has ‘forever stained’ the history of royal family.

Elser noted that the Dutch king, Willem-Alexander, issued a formal apology for the Netherlands’ historical involvement in slavery and the effects that it still has today.

In an emotional speech he asked for “forgiveness” for the “crime against humanity.” He added that he feels the “weight of the words in [his] heart and [his] soul.”

The expert pointed out that while Charles and the next-in-line for the throne Prince William have “passionately condemned slavery” with the monarch having “called it an ‘atrocity’ that ‘forever stains our history’ but they have stopped short of apologising.”

“The pressure on the King to follow Willem-Alexander’s example is only going to grow and His Majesty – as both the British head of state and as the head of a family who historically profited from the barbaric trade in human life – will have to address this head on at some point,” Elser penned.

“This is not an if but a when situation, and the longer he leaves it, the more damage it does to Buckingham Palace’s standing at a time when its stance on racial issues has been called starkly into question.”

At that point, Elser expressed sternly to “show some leadership, Your Majesty, for f–k’s sake.”


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