Burj Khalifa illuminates in Pakistani flag colors on independence day


The world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, illuminated itself in the vibrant colours of the Pakistani national flag to honour Pakistan’s Independence Day on Monday.

The iconic skyscraper’s visual tribute was captured in a video shared across social media platforms, showcasing the awe-inspiring sight of the building adorned in green and white, mirroring the colours of the Pakistani flag.

Burj Khalifa’s social media post not only portrayed this splendid spectacle but also conveyed heartfelt wishes to the people of Pakistan. The message extended wishes for a day filled with pride, unity, and prosperity, as they joyously commemorated their nation’s rich heritage and accomplishments. The post expressed the hope for a future adorned with even greater achievements and happiness for every Pakistani, culminating in a jubilant declaration of “Happy Independence Day.”

In an earlier gesture of goodwill, Emirati astronaut Sultan AlNeyadi marked the occasion by extending warm wishes to the people of Pakistan. AlNeyadi, notable for being the first Arab to spend an extended period aboard the International Space Station (ISS), employed the unique vantage point of space to capture a captivating photograph of Pakistan. Shared on social media, this image also served as a testament to the strong relationship between the UAE and Pakistan, resonating with camaraderie and shared aspirations.

These gestures of commemoration and unity between iconic structures and individuals emphasise the profound significance of Independence Day, not only within Pakistan but also resonating beyond its borders. The vivid visual representation of national pride through the radiant illumination of Burj Khalifa, coupled with AlNeyadi’s symbolic perspective from space, encapsulates the shared joy and aspirations of the occasion.


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