Queen Camilla has ‘no time to cook’, living life on ‘spreadsheets’


Queen Camilla is reportedly following a strict schedule to live up to the expectation of King Charles.

The 74-year-old, who has spent her life proving herself to the public, is now taking on a new role as the wife of the monarch.

Royal expert Angela Levin reveals the Queen is living her life on a ‘spreadsheet’ with little time to herself.

The royal expert added: “She has put up with years of insults – the conniving ‘other woman’ – when she could have walked away.

“Now in her eighth decade, she is determined to help Charles make the best of a huge and perhaps unmanageable role. We should applaud her for it.”

Writing further in her column for Mail Online, Camilla added: “She was not born to be Queen and, for most of her adult life, showed little interest in any job, let alone a career.”

With her serious schedule, Camilla is struggling to take out time for herself.

“It’s no longer a matter of popping round or picking up the phone. It’s life according to a spreadsheet,” says Ms Levin.

“There’s little time to cook – and far more time spent with the hairdresser.”

She added: “There’s little time for riding, either, although that’s partly a matter of age.”


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