Rebel Wilson says IVF struggle was ‘worth it’ as she celebrates daughter Royce


Rebel Wilson welcomed daughter Royce in November via a surrogate
Rebel Wilson welcomed daughter Royce in November via a surrogate

Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson has opened up on the struggles of IVF, going for surrogacy and the joy it is to be mother to daughter Royce, who she shares with fiancée Ramona Agruma.

“She is just a little angel,” said the Australian star. “She melts me. And she just started to say her first word, which is ‘Mum.’ Luckily, I reached out for my camera, and I filmed it.”

Discussing how she manages work and parenting, she said, “It’s very difficult to juggle [parenting] with working, and I’m trying to learn what works best, but I’m so grateful. I’ve got such an amazing supportive partner with Ramona. Together, we’re tag-teaming it and so far, so good, but it is a lot. I’m not getting to watch TV as much and other things I used to do. But it is such an amazing time.”

Having been through an “emotional roller coaster” of a fertility journey, she added, “When I look at Royce, it was all worth it.”

“In my case, I have polycystic ovarian syndrome, and so, it was harder to get pregnant. I’m glad that it did work out for me in the end, but I really feel for women going through [IVF], because I know exactly what it’s like. You get so hopeful, and it’s a struggle. And it can be very tough on your body as well, depending on what medications you’re taking.”

After several rounds of IVF, the Jojo Rabbit star went for gestational surrogacy: “That was statistically the better odds with the one embryo I had,” she explains. “If it didn’t work out, I would have been proud of myself for trying, and it just wasn’t meant to be in the universe. But I feel very, very lucky that I got this little miracle.”

Wilson welcomed daughter Royce in November last year. 


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