Prince Harry has ‘taken a serious tumble’ down


Prince Harry has ‘taken a serious tumble’ down
Prince Harry has ‘taken a serious tumble’ down

Experts believe Prince Harry’s fortunes are starting to look barren as many suspect he’s ‘taken a serious tumble’.

Revelations into Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s dwindling popularity reserves have been referenced by royal commentator Daniela Elser.

She broke everything down in her piece for

In this piece, she touched upon the couple’s waning reserves and admitted, “Harry and Meghan have not gotten similar significant or positive support from their serving up of revelations, which puts them in a really difficult position.”

Due to this, “Their professional fortunes in the last few weeks have taken a very serious tumble” as well Ms Elser noted.

This has come in part due to the fact that “They parted ways with Spotify in what looked decidedly like a one-sided dumping.”

Even though “there have been reports in the business press that Netflix will follow suit and permanently delete their numbers once their current contract is up.”

“Whatever happens next, short of the Sussexes’ winning the lottery or Prince Archie proving to be the next great FI driver who can command nine-figure pay cheques, they are going to need to be pulling in commercial deals for the rest of their lives,” Ms Elser also added before signing off from the converastion. 


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