Prince Harry’s intelligence bashed: ‘LA for paparazzi-free living?’


Experts have started to question Prince Harry’s intelligence given his choice to move to LA, despite it being the epicenter of paparazzi, the same people Prince Harry vowed to run from.

A conversation surrounding the resounding differences that exist between Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have been shared by Daniela Elser.

She broke her silence on matters in a piece for, after insiders broke their silence.

According to The Sun’s sources, “There is a difference in how he has grown up” and he “fears for his own children because of what he has gone through.”

Thus, the duke intends on raising them away from the public eye, even though Meghan Markle wants the exact opposite.

In light of this Ms Elser even went as far as to ask, “Does any of this sound pleasant or easy or aspirational? Exactly.”

“The sad irony is that it can be argued that the duke and duchess actually gave up on being able to have certain paparazzi-free zones, if you will, when they packed their steamer trunks full of dream journals and Boujis nightclub wristbands to leave the UK.”

Before concluding she also added, “If Harry is ‘obsessed’ with privacy, one has to wonder at the logic of moving to what would have to be the epicentre of the paparazzi universe.”


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