Jennifer Aniston shares emotional connection she developed with her dad after his death


Jennifer Aniston talked about the emotional connection she developed with her father John Aniston after he passed away in 2022.

The Friends alum told The Wall Street Journal that she feels “closer” to the Days of Our Lives star than she did when he was still alive.

Speaking of a sign she believes her dad sent her post his death at age 89, Jennifer revealed that she dropped a crystal that she’d kept for years into her John’s jacket when he was in his coffin.

However, after coming back from his funeral, The Morning Show star noticed that the crystal had apparently broken and to her surprise, she still had a piece of it on her vanity.

“I feel closer to him now than I did almost when he was alive,” Jennifer told the publication. “I feel like he’s everywhere. I really do.”

The actor, who shared a bittersweet bond with her father, said she plans to convert the piece of crystal that she has into an amulet to preserve the sweet sign left by John.

John abandoned Jennifer when she was nine years old and her mother Nancy Dow for a year and did not contact them till he reappeared in their lives out of the blue.

Jennifer said her career helped in bringing her closer to her father, who was also an actor, even though he was opposed to the idea of her acting at first.

She said, “He thought I was going down the road of absolute destruction and heartache,” adding, “And then I kind of got a whole different relationship with him once he had something to talk to me about. Which was, ‘Oh, you’re an actor. I’m an actor.’”


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