Selena Gomez drops new single, ‘I’ll be single soon’


Selena Gomez drops new single, Ill be single soon
Selena Gomez drops new single, ‘I’ll be single soon’

Selena Gomez has recently set the internet abuzz by announcing the release of her highly anticipated song I’ll be single soon.

The 31-year-old pop sensation took to Instagram to make the exciting announcement. She shared a short teaser of the song, announcing its release. The post was captioned, “I’ll be single soon… song and video are out at 9 pm PT!”

The video featured Selena coming towards a table, taking out a pen, and writing something as the voiceover said, “Hi, I love you, Susi, Never worried about boyfriends at all.”

Fans quickly flooded the comment section of the post to express their excitement over the latest release from their favourite hitmaker. 

One of the fans wrote, “Why did I think this whole time she meant “single coming soon” and not that song is actually called “single soon” LOL.”

Another penned, “What could be better than Selena posting and releasing a new album and a New song?”

The official Instagram page also appeared to be a fan of Selena’s music. The social media site’s official account wrote, “This is already iconic.”


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