Fairytale proposal: NHL Star Mason Marchment gets down on one knee


Mason Marchments girlfriend Alexis Durham poses along with her fiance while showing engagement ring to the camera. Instagram
Mason Marchment’s girlfriend Alexis Durham poses along with her fiance while showing engagement ring to the camera. Instagram

Mason Marchment, a prominent figure in the NHL from the Toronto Maple Leafs to the Dallas Stars, orchestrates a heartwarming proposal. 

This Canadian sportsman, celebrated for his prowess on the rink, has turned the spotlight towards his off-ice romance. Marchment’s engagement to Alexis Durham, his partner of over five years, has captured hearts across social media platforms.

The couple announced their joyous news on Instagram posts on August 16. In a candid snapshot, Marchment and Durham stand side by side, with Alexis Durham proudly showcasing her engagement ring. It was Durham’s post that unveiled the intimacy of the proposal. 

With the picturesque woods as their backdrop, Mason Marchment’s heartfelt gesture unfolded as he knelt before Alexis Durham. Mason orchestrated a captivating marriage proposal for his beloved girlfriend, Alexis Durham, gracefully dropping to one knee and eliciting heartfelt surprise from bystanders and ardent fans alike.

The images paint a tale of pure astonishment as Alexis Durham, her hands clasped over her mouth, advances towards Mason Marchment. Their exuberant pup, Milo, mirrors their joy, lending an extra layer of charm to the occasion.

Amidst the enchanting woodlands, Alexis Durham captured the essence of the moment with her caption: “Milo’s parents are getting married!!!!! A trail walk turned into one of the best days of my life. I love you Mas, can’t wait to be your wife.” In a culmination of their six-year journey, the couple sealed the proposal with a tender kiss.

Their cherished followers joined the chorus of jubilation, rejoicing at the delightful news. Heartfelt comments and congratulations flooded the posts, signifying the couple’s resonance with a broad audience.

. The enchanting scene unfolded against the backdrop of a tranquil trail, where the couple embarked on a leisurely walk, accompanied by their cheerful canine companion, Milo. 


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