Kate Middleton shows her ‘real face’ in resurfaced video?


An undated video of Prince William helping an elderly man who fell to the ground has resurfaced, with the future king’s supporters praising him “as a great role model for future and present royals.”

In the clip, the Prince of Wales is seen talking to citizens during a royal engagement when a uniformed elderly man falls to the ground.

William quickly comes forward to help the man get back on his feet as his wife Kate Middleton tries to understand what just happened.

While the majority of people online applauded the royal for helping the man while he could have easily asked his security to come forward, there were some who attacked Kate Middleton for showing her “real face” and expressing no concern.

Kate’s critics said she did not care at first but started acting when she saw her husband come forward to help the man.

But her supporters said it was unfair to criticize the Princess of Wales because the event happened so suddenly that she didn’t have the chance to react or offer any assistance.


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