Cute wedding proposal surprises girl at Auckland airport


Cute wedding proposal surprises girl at Auckland airport.  Courtesy Auckland Airport
Cute wedding proposal surprises girl at Auckland airport.  Courtesy Auckland Airport 

Love soared to new heights with a Bollywood flair.

Yashraj Chhabra, a suitor swept his unsuspecting girlfriend Riiya Shukla off her feet with an utterly unexpected wedding proposal.

The Auckland Airport turned into a stage for this heart-melting moment, proving that romance knows no bounds.

Yashraj Chhabra, brains brimming with inspiration from their favourite Bollywood movies, orchestrated a surprise that left Shukla both amazed and breathless. While most proposals involve hidden rings and whispered words, Chhabra dreamed big – he decided to pop the question right over the airport’s PA system.

Chhabra gathered their families and meticulously plotted each step, enlisting the help of the airport staff, who embraced the plan with open arms.

Auckland’s air held a hint of magic as Shukla’s plane landed. Little did she know that fate had conspired to make this day unforgettable for her. Riiya’s flight was delayed and traffic tried to spoil the surprise. Amidst the unexpected twists of delayed flights, Chhabra’s proposal echoed through the airport over the airport’s sound system.

As his heartfelt message played over the speakers, Shukla was enveloped in a moment that felt like a fairy tale.

Chhabra stood with an engagement ring in hand in front of happy relatives who carried “Will You Marry Me?” placards for Riiya to witness. 

As Riiya appeared on the scene, he went down on one knee, holding a ring that sparkled as much as Riiya’s eyes.

The magical moment unfolded amidst cheers and happy tears. Riiya’s heartwarming reaction revealed that Yashraj succeeded in turning a potentially stressful day into a memory they’d cherish forever.

“I was under shock,” Shukla confessed, her voice brimming with emotion. “I tend to get lost in his eyes, and as romantic as this sounds, it’s actually true.”

The two souls from different cultural backgrounds plan their wedding in India. They’re planning a wedding that beautifully blends Hindu Gujarati and Sikh traditions as the girl belongs to a Hindu Gujarati family and the man is Sikh.


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