Sarah Ferguson turns ‘broker’ to help Prince Andrew secure royal comeback


Sarah Ferguson turns broker to help Prince Andrew secure royal comeback

Sarah Ferguson is reportedly the reason Prince Andrew has been brought back to the Royal fold.

The Duchess of York is called out a ‘broker’ in helping her ex-husband secure his spot back in the Royal Family.

Royal expert Russell Myers notes: “Sarah Ferguson may have been used as a ‘broker’ to help bring her ex-husband Prince Andrew back into the Royal Family fold.”

He pens for “The disgraced Duke of York had been pushed to the sidelines of the Firm after being forced to step down from duties and having his military titles stripped by the late Queen Elizabeth II.”

“Meanwhile, well-placed sources have revealed how Andrew’s ex-wife, ‘Fergie’, who is staying at Balmoral with the royals, alongside her former husband and their children has been the “life and soul” of family gatherings. One Balmoral insider said she had been seen talking to the King and Prince William on ‘several separate occasions,’” says Mr Myers.

The expert then continues how the mother-of-two is helping her former husband bounce back from banishment.

“The recent developments have given rise to the theory that Fergie has been a “broker” of her former husband’s brief resurgence in the family. Insiders also suggested the Duke would be buoyed by the family’s show of support after being forced to miss public events and stand aside from all royal duties in recent years,” says the expert.


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