Ex-British army officer dismisses Prince Harry’s ‘Heart of Invictus’ claims


Ex-British army officer dismisses Prince Harrys Heart of Invictus claims

A former British army officer has criticised Prince Harry after the premiere of the “Heart of Invictus” series on Netflix.

Colonel Richard Justin Kemp is a retired British Army officer who served from 1977 to 2006.  Among his assignments were the command of Operation Fingal in Afghanistan from July to November 2003

“I would really question what stress he was under during his tenure of service in Afghanistan,” he said in the description of his YouTube video on the Netflix series.

Thousands of people have watched Kemp’s video on his YouTube channel within a few hours after it premiered.

Kemp said he is not interested in rehabilitating Prince Harry’s image, and questioned how serious Harry’s PTSD would be after what the Duke of Sussex actually did in Afghanistan.

Colonel Kemp said: “What [Harry] was doing was fighting a very, very remote distance, not the kind of thing in my view that would result in  serious stress and PTSD.”

One of the main criticisms directed at Prince Harry is his perceived shift towards a “woke” agenda. Colonel Kemp accused Harry of turning on his own family and exploiting his own service for personal gain.

In the Youtube video seen by thousands of people, Kemp highlighted Harry’s comments about killing Taliban members in his memoir and his statement about treating them as subhuman, suggesting that these remarks cater to a woke narrative rather than accurately representing the military experience. According to Kemp, these actions have led to Harry being treated with suspicion and reduced affection in the armed forces.

In his book “Spare”, Harry recounted his two tours of Afghanistan, first as a forward air controller in 2007/08 and again in 2012, when he was a co-pilot gunner in Apache attack helicopters, and the number of people he had killed.


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