Meghan Markle intentionally sparked Prince Harry divorce rumours?


Meghan Markle has been accused of sparking divorce rumours from Prince Harry to let him know that she is “unhappy” in their marriage.

Speaking with In Touch Weekly, an insider revealed that the Duchess of Sussex ditched her engagement ring on purpose so that people would question it and it would picked by media.

The source also noted that the former senior Royals “seem to be spending more and more time apart” which is “not a good sign” for their relationship.

Dishing on the missing diamond, the insider said, “Meghan has claimed the ring is being repaired, but she’s been spotted on multiple occasions without it since May.”

“And she has to know that not wearing it would cause divorce rumors to explode,” the insider added. “Some people think she did it on purpose to send a subtle message to Harry that she’s not happy in the marriage.”

“There’s no doubt they’ve been living separate lives,” the insider said before sharing that a divorce would be bad for Prince Harry, who left his family and his life while seeking a new one in American with Meghan.

“All he really has is Meghan – it would be devastating to lose her, too,” the source said, adding that he is “desperate” to repair the damage.

“He’s been begging her for a second chance to prove to her that this whole thing can work. She’s taking matters into her own hands and focusing on her Hollywood comeback.”


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