5 late-summer mysteries


Maine game warden Mike Bowditch and his fiancée, Stacey Stevens, are celebrating their engagement at a scenic lake house when the jarring sound of a boat collision unexpectedly interrupts the festivities. Bowditch and Stevens, an EMT, head out to investigate, discovering a severed human arm floating just under the lake’s surface. Bowditch promptly calls in the state police and the warden dive team, who find the rest of the body and then, unbelievably, a second naked corpse. When conflicting lines of law enforcement authority complicate efforts to discover what happened, Bowditch becomes determined to figure it out himself — a quest that puts him and Stevens in grave danger. Doiron, a Maine native and former editor in chief of Down East magazine, uses his extensive knowledge of the state’s natural wonders to create a strong sense of place in this fast-paced mystery, the latest in a series featuring the emotionally complex Bowditch. (Minotaur, $29)

POST AUTHOR: Karen MacPherson

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