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Pakistani actor Alizeh Shah has found herself at the centre of a fresh wave of controversy as her recent Instagram post stirred the pot amidst ongoing allegations of abuse. Aspiring actor Minsa Malik had levelled accusations against Shah, adding a layer of complexity to the situation. 

However, Shah’s latest post, coupled with a cryptic caption, has not only reignited public discourse but also intensified the spotlight on the unfolding narrative. The actor recently shared an image of herself on Instagram, accompanied by a caption that has caught the attention of many. The caption read, “Look so beautiful that people file three, four cases out of jealousy.” This message left followers speculating about its meaning and implications, especially in the context of the ongoing allegations.

For the unversed, Malik recently filed an FIR against Shah, accusing her of physical abuse on set. In a copy of the complaint that has been filed in Islamabad, Malik claimed her co-actor was “high on drugs” when she threw a marijuana-filled cigarette at her. In response, she slapped her, following which Shah “physically assaulted” her. According to Malik, all this happened while shooting for Mohabbat Ki Aakhri Kahani.

While Shah did not immediately respond to the accusations, on Thursday, she shared a note penned by an Insta user alleging they received a tip from a source on set. According to the source, Malik was to blame and in response to the detailed account mentioned, the Ishq Tamasha star wrote, “You can’t hide the truth”. 

The user alleged, “An anonymous source (on the set) tipped me off about this one incident that has been making rounds on social media regarding Alizeh Shah and a fellow actress that accused Alizeh of misconduct when in reality, this other woman slapped Alizeh first and initiated physical violence,[against] all and any professionalism. The crew, fellow artist and everyone involved is on Alizeh’s side because the incident occurred around 6 pm and Alizeh did not leave the set even till 12 am. She completed her shoot after being humiliated and assaulted in front of everyone and that speaks volumes of her work ethic. So, my advice is that don’t believe everything that you guys see on social media without hearing someone else’s story first.”

Malik, in her complaint, had alleged, “The camera was rolling, the shooting was ongoing for Mohabbat Ki Aakhri Kahani, and I was in the scene. Alizeh Shah was also present, and she was evidently high on drugs. She approached me and threw a marijuana-filled cigarette at me. I moved back to avoid her, and in reaction, I slapped her. She then started physically assaulting me. She used abusive language and tore her own clothes while yelling.”

The FIR further read, “Alizeh Shah tried to throw her sandal at me, but I moved out of the way. She was completely high when she misbehaved. The camera shooting the scenes also captured the video of us during the chaos. Alizeh insisted that the video should not get out, as it would be the ultimate source of her defamation.” Malik went on to add in her complaint that Shah was also jealous of her professionally. The actor also commented that earlier, due to Shah’s problematic behaviour, the shooting of another project had been halted as well. 

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