Healthy And Happy: 8 Ways In Which High-Intensity Workouts Can Yield Amazing Benefits For Beginners


Working out is extremely important to remain healthy and it’s not just about looking good. Despite living in a fast-paced world, ironically, people have a more sedentary lifestyle than ever before, and with the increasing frequency of eating out, there is a high intake of fatty food. Hence, to maintain one’s health and overall fitness, exercising is very important, say experts. High-intensity workouts are extremely effective and while many people think it’s only for pros, Drishti Chhabria, Chief Experience Officer at OrangeTheory Fitness, says that not just pros, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) can kickstart a fitness journey for beginners.

“The secret behind high-energy workouts is the effectiveness of interval training which not only increases the energy and intensity of the workout but improves heart health, increases endurance, helps build stronger muscles, and provides many more health benefits. At our fitness studio, we believe in the science of heart rate-based interval training that is perfect for all fitness levels – beginners and advanced to take it at their own level,” says Chhabria.

High-Intensity Workouts: How They Help Beginners

Drishti Chhabria goes on to list how high-intensity workouts can benefit beginners and give their fitness journey the perfect start.

1. Gets You Motivated And Energised 

Often times beginners are demotivated to start a fitness routine and are nervous, but workouts packed with similar like-minded individuals will not only motivate beginners but also push them to work hard and put the effort in, says Chhabria. “The energy in a room full of people working out to achieve a goal pushes you to go beyond your comfort zone and develop mental resiliency along with the intensity and the challenge that will give you the confidence to tackle more mentally and physically,” she says,

2. Improve Heart Health

Chhabria points out that by training with heart rate-based interval training, not only are you pushing your effort level higher than you would when training through simple reps and sets of exercise, but you will gain cardiovascular benefits by increasing your heart rate. “Training your heart for a longer capacity and more intensity will improve your heart’s condition and help prevent any heart-related diseases or health issues, such as cholesterol or high blood pressure,” she says.

3. Time-Efficient

Most beginners do not know what to do in a fitness gym or how long to do it for, that’s when high-intensity and energy workouts are time efficient. “Generally, within 1 hour, you are able to achieve both strength and cardio with smart heart rate-based interval training that not only is quick and time efficient but also better for more results and builds consistency. It’s not always about quantity, it is about quality and working smart within the restricted time we have in a day. Full-body workouts with high energy and intensity are enough to activate all major muscle groups and build lean muscle mass,” says Chhabria.

4. Easy To Follow And Versatile

High-energy workouts are usually programmed to include full-body movements that are easy to execute and follow through with a fitness coach and on your own. Chhabria says, “The difficulty and intensity can be scaled up as you progress, which makes it suitable for beginners to start out. Exercises can be scaled down with the option to use your body weight and scaled up with options to use equipment and intensify movements as you progress.”

5. Boost Metabolism

Beginners in fitness generally have a low metabolism as their body’s metabolism slows down due to less activity. “By introducing interval training with high intensities, beginners can boost their metabolism significantly even after the workout is over,” says Chhabria.

6. Improves Oxygen Consumption

Chhabria says that high-intensity and energy workouts can produce equal benefits of long continuous cardio such as running or cycling in a shorter period by resulting in better oxygen consumption by the muscles in the body. “Those who want to build endurance and stamina will see great results by improving their oxygen consumption levels, specifically EPOC or ‘post-exercise oxygen consumption’, which helps burn more fat and calories when compared to steady-state workouts,” the fitness expert shares.

7. Mood Booster

Exercising and increasing your heart rate in general releases endorphins, but specifically, your body releases them when you participate in aerobic exercise and expend high amounts of energy. Post-workout, the endorphin release decreases stress levels as well as helps boost serotonin and dopamine which in turn increases your energy levels, says Chhabria. She adds that regular exercise not only lowers the incidence of depression or anxiety but it also improves cognitive function and boosts mood.

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8. Increase Stamina And Endurance

“Regular exercises such as strength training and cardio on their own work on the aerobic zone while high-intensity training will push your body to that anaerobic zone or what we call the “orange zone” at Orangetheory Fitness. By pushing your body to the anaerobic zone, you can improve your endurance levels in less time as a beginner in the fitness world,” says Chhabria.

The fitness expert adds that high-energy workouts with fast-paced intervals of cardio and strength are a great way to improve fitness, increase power, build strength, and overall maintain heart health. “For beginners who are new to fitness, it’s a great way to incorporate time-efficient and effective workouts that guarantee results. The best part is as you progress, your workout grows with you, and you can level up throughout your fitness journey,” Chhabria says.


(Views expressed by the expert quoted in the article are their own, Zee News does not confirm or endorse the same. Always consult your doctor and trained fitness professionals before starting on any new exercise routine.)



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