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Selena Gomez is a woman of many talents. When she isn’t collectively making listeners lose their calm whilst simultaneously asking them to Calm Down, she’s busy running a successful business empire with her makeup line, Rare Beauty. However, there’s another thing she can now add to her ever-increasing résumé: becoming a meme. 

An image shared by entertainment tabloid Pop Base started making the rounds recently. In it, Selena appears to be fully covered with what looks like the shawl our mothers would pack for a trip up North. A peaceful expression rests upon the singer’s face. 

“Oh my God, she looks absolutely amazing,” said one user of X (formerly Twitter). Another commented, “Literally, like my girl is glowing, healthy, and at peace. I love this for her.”

While there were many such comments that praised the former Disney star, there were also those who saw an opportunity to create the internet’s next viral meme. And so, netizens descended upon a harmless picture, adding hilarious responses in the process.

“The survivor at the end of a horror movie,” said one X user. “Me waking up first on the friend trip,” said another.

Yet another user of the microblogging site said, “Me on my five hours break after writing the title of my essay.” One stated, “Me after listening to music that came out before I was born.” One more X user summarised the collective birthday experience we’ve all had. “Me, being deeply reflective on the morning of my birthday,” they said. “Me after having an emotional breakdown,” said yet another user of the site formerly known as Twitter. 

In all of this, members of the desi community did not lag far behind. They hopped aboard the bandwagon, and it resulted in some glorious memes. (Warning: the next one is a Made in Heaven Season 2 spoiler). 

“Tara after getting the Khanna house,” wrote an X user. 

Another decided to meme visits to Murree. “Girls on their honeymoon in Murree, they said. 

Grieving pupils joined the trend as well. “Cambridge examiner after ruining my life,” wrote one student. 

The medical community joined in the fun, too. “Me, sat at the nurses’ station at 3 AM on a night shift,” said one keen meme maker. “Anesthesiologists in the Operating Room,” said another. 

While these are just some of the memes in relation to the image, the picture has been circulated widely, with one and all adding their takes. It’s a great reminder of how the human experience can be similar, and having a laugh unites us all. 

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