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Engineering remains a premier career choice for Indian students, with aspirations often directed towards top institutions. Yet, the fierce competition of entrance exams, notably the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Mains-Advance, results in only a handful realizing their dreams. This rigorous test opens doors to prestigious engineering hubs like IITs, NITs, and IIITs. Selection hinges on rank, dictating access to these renowned campuses, renowned for not just academics but also strong placement records and illustrious alumni.

The path to these institutes is marked by a limited number of seats and stringent selection criteria. The coveted IITs, NITs, IIITs, and GFTIs attract the best, intensifying the competition. A closer look at their collective seat numbers reveals the extent:

Reports indicate India’s 23 IITs offer a cumulative 17,385 seats, while 32 NITs contribute around 23,954 seats. Among the 26 IIITs, a total of 7,746 seats are available. Further, 35 GFTIs collectively offer 8,067 seats.

Number of Students Appearing in JEE Advance Over the Years

The first JEE Advance exam began in 2013, and since then, many students have appeared for the examination. Let’s look at the number of students appearing over the years:

In 2013 – 1,15,971 students appeared.

In 2014 – 1,19,580 students appeared

In 2015 – 1,17,238 students appeared

In 2016 – 1,47,678 students appeared

In 2017 – 1,59,540 students appeared

In 2018 – 1,55,158 students appeared

In 2019 – 1,61,319 students appeared

In 2020 – 1,50,383 students appeared

In 2021 – 1,41,699 students appeared

In 2022- 1,55,538 students appeared

In 2023 – 1,80,372 students appeared.

2023 saw the highest number of students who appeared for the JEE Advance Examination, with 1,80,372 students.

The pathway to engineering’s upper echelons is one of challenge and triumph. While the competition may be fierce and the selection criteria demanding, the prospect of joining the ranks of renowned engineers who have walked these corridors is a dream worth pursuing.


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