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Actor Mariam Ansari has been making rounds on social media after announcing her pregnancy with a heartwarming pregnancy shoot alongside her husband. But instead of a shower of well-wishers, the model was met with mounds of negativity towards the photographs that saw her beaming with joy.

Astounded by the volume of unbearable comments, Ansari expressed her concern and frustration on Instagram, “Oh my god, the amount of hate I have received on my pregnancy pictures just shows…what do I even say? What do I say?”

She went on to assert that when her profile is solely hers, she should be allowed to post what she desires. “It’s my profile; my choice. I’ve even had my child. It’s my choice whatever I post. If you don’t like it, you shouldn’t follow me.” Mariam continued on to call out the hypocrisy she witnessed on the web: “I don’t understand, since when is being pregnant some sort of badtameezi (rudeness) or behayai (vulgarity). You too were born just like this, so what?”

The actor’s call-out did not end there as she continued to point out the “double-standards” audiences possessed when they willingly follow Indian celebrities but house resentment for local talent. Visibly irritated by the conundrum, the Bharam actor complained, “You’ll watch Katrina Kaif dance, you’ll ‘like’ Nora’s pictures. But if a Pakistani actress who is fully dressed reveals her pregnancy, then, ‘oh my god, Astaghfirullah.’ I mean, if you were really all that great and you saw someone was pregnant, you’d congratulate them; you’d send prayers their way.”

The actor and model married longtime beau, Owais Khan and shared the good news of the birth of their baby daughter, Amaya Khan, in July of this year.


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