Searching for Maura


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A Washington Post investigative series on human brains and other body parts held by the Smithsonian.

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To accurately reflect the racism that was common at the time in newspaper articles and official documents, The Post chose to show original records that contain language considered offensive by modern standards.

Kario and Teresa Ramirez’s accounts were originally published in English, and the telegram exchanges were most likely communicated in American Morse code.

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About this story

To see photographs, newspaper clippings and other source material that informed this story, read How The Post reported Maura’s story.

Illustrations by Ren Galeno, a visual artist from Davao City, Philippines.

Andrew Ba Tran, Nate Jones and Regine Cabato contributed to this report.

Editing by Jenna Pirog and Hannah Good. Additional editing by David Fallis, Sarah Childress, Aaron Wiener. Copy editing by Anjelica Tan, Kim Chapman and Jordan Melendrez.

Filipino translation and editing by KC Schaper, Regine Cabato, Hannah Dormido and Christian Jil Benitez.

Project editing by KC Schaper with additional support from Tara McCarty.

Design by Tara McCarty and Audrey Valbuena. Digital development by Audrey Valbuena. Print design by Tara McCarty. Additional design by Laura Padilla Castellanos. Design editing by Christian Font and Christine Ashack.

Additional editing, production and support from Jeff Leen, Jenna Lief, Phoebe Connelly, Matt Callahan, Junne Alcantara, Ed Thiede, Isabelle Jordan Lavandero, Brian Gross, Greg Manifold, Grace Moon, Sofia Diogo Mateus, Matt Clough at Meredith Craig.

Video editing and sound design for “Searching for Maura” by Lindsey Sitz. Animation by Sarah Hashemi. Narration by Claire Healy and Nicole Dungca. Additional narration by Angel Mendoza, David Fallis, Arjun Singh and Anne Branigin. Additional graphics by Artur Galocha. Additional sound recording by Justin Scuiletti. Additional photo and design support by Robert Miller, Troy Witcher and Audrey Valbuena.

“Pagan Funeral in St. Louis To-Morrow” was published in the St. Louis Daily Globe-Democrat on April 22, 1904. “Called ‘Savages,’ Now Visayan Girls Won’t Go to School” was published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Aug. 20, 1904.

POST AUTHOR: Claire Healy, Nicole Dungca, Ren Galeno

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