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It seems like Mawra Hocane is just as fond of AP Dhillon’s new song, With You, as everyone else. Mawra hopped on to her current Instagram Reels trend and posted a video of herself grooving to the song at different points of her day as she took us on a journey through her working life.

In the video, Mawra can be seen enthusiastically lip-syncing the lyrics. At first, we see her listening and vibing to the song on her way to work. Then, we shift to scenes of her getting ready for a photoshoot, with her still enjoying the song as she goes through hair and makeup.

The get-ready-with-me point of view then changes to a come-to-work-with-me scenario and we hear the song continue to play in the background as Mawra goes through multiple outfits changes and we catch snippets of before-the-shoot moments.

Snippets of With You is all one is hearing these days on social media as people continue to binge-listen to the catchy Punjabi song and the algorithm stays favouring it.

Dhillon’s new song has been going viral on social media for its beautiful lyrics, but more so for the adorable music video that has had many fans speculating about relationship status of the singer and Banita Sandhu who plays his love interest in the music video for the song.   

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