No Pain, No Gain: The True Story Of A Man Who Once Tried To Kidnap His Own Daughter, Survived Suicide Attempts, And Eventually Retired A Billionaire


Colonel Harland Sanders Success Story: Do you encounter disappointment or rejection frequently? Colonel Harland Sanders, the man who founded Kentucky Fried Chicken, did. However, he improved the world in addition to simply making lemonade out of his problems. A notable example of persistence and determination in the face of setbacks and failures is Colonel Harland Sanders, the inventor of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken).

Despite the fact that his face has been nearly ubiquitous since KFC’s success, the majority of people don’t know much about the man himself. Many of the things you may have heard about him, such as that he attempted suicide after a string of business failures, that he allegedly tried to kidnap his own daughter, and that he eventually retired as a billionaire. The real narrative, however, is a great deal more compelling, fulfilling, and heartbreaking. Many businesspeople and individuals who are attempting to accomplish their goals find encouragement in his success story.

Sanders: Series Of Failures

Sanders’ father died when he was six years old, leaving Sanders to take care of his siblings and cook. He left home and quit school in the seventh grade to work as a farmhand. He misrepresented his age to join the American Army at the age of 16. A year later, after receiving an honorable discharge, he was engaged as a laborer by the railroad. But he lost his job because of a confrontation with a coworker. He studied law while working for the railroad, but his legal career was destroyed when he got into another altercation. Sanders was compelled to return to living with his mother and find work as a life insurance salesman. And what’s this? He was let loose for disobedience. By the time Sanders was 17 years old, he had been fired from four separate jobs including a fireman, lawyer, and salesperson. However, this man resisted giving up. 

KFC: Short-Time Success

He labored at numerous jobs for many years without finding success. Due to these setbacks, Sanders contemplated suicide. He was considering it when he realized he was talented in one area: cooking! He therefore made the decision to open a store. Customers quickly became enamoured with the menus of Sanders, who began selling fried chicken with his own special sauce in his first KFC restaurant, which he built at a petrol station in Corbin, close to Tennessee. In order to better serve his clients, he erected a motel across from the petrol station. Sanders received the moniker “Colonel” from the Kentucky governor, and in little time at all, word of his popularity spread throughout the state.

KFC Chicken: Rejected 1008 Times

Colonel Sanders’ success did not last for very long. Sanders business collapsed because the road it served—which was used by everyone—became impassable. As his clientele declined, Sanders eventually had to liquidate everything to pay his obligations. He was broke at age 66, but he wasn’t going to give up! Sanders searched for a trader to buy his hens because he just had his pension left. Sanders visited the 1009th restaurant after being turned down by the other 1008 establishments in America. He was successful in having the eatery accept his offer. He had finally identified the ideal opening for sharing his recipe with clients. Throughout his journey, Sanders refined his recipe and cooking technique. He modified his original recipe to include 11 herbs and spices, creating the distinct flavor that would later become KFC’s signature taste.

KFC Chicken: Grand Success

Customers once again flocked to Sanders’ fried chicken, for which a fee was paid per chicken sold. Sanders franchised hundreds of restaurants nationwide as demand for his food kept rising. His life’s prosperous days had finally started, if somewhat tardily. With KFC becoming a household name, Colonel Sanders agreed to sell his business to John Brown Jr. for $2 million if he agreed to continue serving as the brand’s spokesperson. As the company’s official spokesperson, he would get an annual salary of $250,000. With more than 19,000 locations serving meals in 115 countries, KFC, the legacy of Colonel Sanders, who passed away at age 90, is currently one of the most well-known fast-food businesses in the world.

Harland Sanders’ journey from experiencing numerous setbacks and disappointments to developing one of the most recognizable fast-food companies in the world is a monument to his tenacity, adaptability, and undying faith in his recipes. His experience serves as a reminder that success frequently necessitates overcoming challenges and disappointments along the way.


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