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The trailer for a new Pakistani Indie series titled Romeo aur Jameela has piqued the interest of young watchers locally. The film is a production by Binjee, a new arts and entertainment company that claims to own and run Pakistan’s first online video portal.

From the two-minute trailer of the series, uploaded by Binjee on September 1 to its official social media accounts and YouTube Channel, we find out that it is an emotional coming-of-age love story. The protagonists of the film are Romeo, played by Ali Sheryar, and Jameela. The actor fulfilling the role of Jameela is an influencer who goes by the name @featuringfatima on Instagram and has over 15,000 followers.

During the trailer, we are introduced to the basic premise of the series wherein the two main characters make a mutually beneficial arrangement. Romeo promises to teach Jameela how to play the guitar for an upcoming music competition and, in exchange, Jameela agrees to help him prepare for and pass his exams. As the premise is set, we are given glimpses into how their deal to help one another leads to an unexpected outcome of the two falling in love. However, the trailer also holds undertones of possible conflict and distress as their journey is not all smooth sailing.

The description of the series posted under its trailer reads: “As a final attempt to save his academic future, Romeo crosses paths with Jameela, a newcomer to their college who helps him in his studies. Their quest for success leads to a forbidden love that threatens to unravel their lives. Will the weight of their secret romance burden their studies or will they decide to walk their separate journeys?”.

Marketed as a show that revolves around a new love story for a new time and era, the first episode of the series came out on September 5, 2023, and is now available for streaming on Binjee.

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