PCB extends invitation to Jay Shah for Asia Cup opener again


The President of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) and BCCI Secretary, Jay Shah, has been invited by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to watch the opening match of the Asia Cup, which is scheduled to begin with Pakistan taking on Nepal on August 30 in Multan.

PCB have also sent invitations to other Asian countries board officials for the aforementioned match.

However, it seems unlikely that Jay Shah will attend the opening match. A meeting took place between him and PCB’s management committee’s head, Zaka Ashraf, on the sidelines of an ICC meeting in Durban. When Ashraf asked Shah to come to Pakistan for Asia Cup, he agreed initially but later declined based on someone else’s advice.

The board stated that they know that nobody from India would come to watch any Asia Cup matches, but Pakistan has never mixed politics with sports. Just like other boards, Pakistan has sent an invitation to India on the basis of goodwill. Now whether they come or not is up to them.

Upon asking whether Zaka Ashraf would go to India for the World Cup if invited, the board sources said that the decision would be made in consultation with the government when the time comes.

POST AUTHOR: Saleem Khaliq

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