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Mohanlal's father passed away when he was 5.

Mohanlal’s father passed away when he was 5.

According to Mohanlal, no one has got a government job in his village since 1984. He has now become a teacher in his area after almost 39 years.

The government jobs, though may sound like normal jobs, but the hard work and dedication needed to crack the entrance exams is often ignored. Similar to UPSC, the Rajasthan Eligibility Examination For Teachers (REET) is one such tough entrance. It offers the position of teachers in the government schools of Rajasthan. Being a government teacher has a lot of perks along with good pay. Many people dream of clearing this exam. One such is Mohanlal Meghwal of Barmer district of Western Rajasthan.

He used to walk 16 kilometres to school to complete his Class 12 education. After years of hard work, he finally cleared the REET Teacher Level 1 exam. Mohanlal has given credit for his success to his brothers and mother, as per reports. He lost his father when he was only five years old. His mother Jhambhu Devi used to work as a labourer under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA). After his father Bhagaram passed away, his brothers Kishanlal and Girdharilal helped him in completing his education.

During holidays, Mohanlal also helped in improving the financial condition of the house by working as a labourer. He completed his Class 10 at Ramavi Kekar school near his home district. After this, since there was no availability of an intermediate school nearby, he enrolled himself at Raumavi Barmarla school which was situated 8 kilometres away from his home. Due to this, he had to walk 16 kilometres daily for his studies.

It should be noted that Mohanlal didn’t achieve this success on his first attempt. Previously, he attempted for the Patwari, Vanrakshak and Forester posts. He cleared the REET teacher Level 1 exam on his 5th attempt.

According to Mohanlal, no one has got a government job in his village since 1984. Through this achievement, he has now become the teacher from his place after almost 39 years.

REET is conducted for Level 1 and Level 2 teacher posts. Level 1 post is for primary teachers while level 2 is for secondary teachers. The primary teachers are given the role of teaching the students of Classes 1 to 5.


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