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Pakistani singer Aima Baig recently treated her fans to a question-and-answer session on her Instagram stories. She instructed her followers to ‘ask away’ with whatever queries they had.

Many fans flocked to her story, sending in their questions. The first question that Aima got asked her to name her favourite Hollywood actors to which she responded with the names Steve Carell, Cameron Diaz, and Anne Hathaway.

Another fan was curious about the last film she had seen and the Item Number crooner replied that it was Oppenheimer, saying that she will watch it again.

Several fans were also eager to know if Aima is dating anyone or looking to get married, with one person inquiring whether the Na Cher Malangaan Nu singer was engaged or not. Aima answered this question with a simple “Nope”. As fans proceeded to ask questions about her relationship status and plans related to marriage, one fan also asked the Baazi singer if she had a crush on someone. Aima admitted that she did.

Aima also joked around with fans, telling one follower “Find me one first. It’s got to be a trade” when they asked the famous crooner “Can you find a partner for me?”

“There should be no pressure whatsoever” to get married, responded Aima when a fan asked her what she thought about society putting pressure on women to get married and how there’s this perception that once a woman turns 27, she will only get proposals from men who are much older.

A few fans were also curious about if and when she would make her debut in the field of acting. When one fan posed the question “When are we seeing you act?”, the 28-year-old singer responded with a teasing and humorous answer: “What do you mean? I was acting this whole time LOL.”. When another fan asked the same question with a simple two-worder “Drama debut?”, the Yaarian singer responded more seriously with “Hmm…maybe”, suggesting that she’s not opposed to the idea of acting in a film or drama serial and may consider it in the future.

When asked what her worst fear was, Aima said that losing her loved ones was her biggest fear.  

One of the more thought-provoking questions that Aima was asked during this Q-and-A session was “Can money buy happiness”, to which the young entertainer replied with a quote that said “It is better to cry in a Rolls Royce than to be happy on a bicycle.” and then also gave her own input, saying “Even though I prefer the bicycle.”

Aima also had some friendship/relationship advice to offer when a follower asked “What advice would you give to a person who is continuously making efforts to form a bond?”. The singer made a valid point, saying “Maybe ask yourself if they are worth your effort.”

During the Q-and-A, Aima also posted a few pictures of herself and, while answering a query related to what her favourite picture was, admitted that she looks better in person and that she’s very indecisive when it comes to pictures.

“I have 70K plus photos in my gallery. Clearly, I can’t decide. In fact, I think, I’m better in person.”

Aima’s latest track Funkari dropped back in July and the music video for the song has since garnered 2.2M views on YouTube.

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