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In a riveting second sneak peek shared by on Instagram, Amna Ilyas has left audiences in awe with her brief yet captivating portrayal of Sarojini Naidu, the iconic Indian freedom fighter, poet, and politician. With a fierce and resolute expression, clad in a traditional sari adorned with a bindi on her forehead, Ilyas embodies the commanding presence of Naidu, a woman who left an indelible mark on the annals of history.

The accompanying caption for the Instagram post by provided an intriguing insight into the character of Naidu, hinting at an unconventional dimension of her life that is relatively lesser known. It read, “Sarojini Naidu; The only Hindu leader who stood by Jinnah.”

The post goes on to pose a compelling question, “How well do we really know Sarojini Naidu on this side of the border?” This teaser is a precursor to an upcoming series titled Fatima Jinnah: Sister | Revolutionist | Stateswoman, which promises to delve into the complex relationship between two remarkable women who played pivotal roles in the struggle for freedom and nation-building.

While Naidu is often remembered as a passionate poet and a fearless activist, the post suggests that her intriguing friendship with Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, and her role as a mentor to his sister, Fatima Jinnah, remain lesser-known aspects of her life.

The post highlights Naidu’s captivating and eccentric personality, which endeared her to students and left a lasting impression. However, it was her political acumen that truly set her apart from her contemporaries, even challenging formidable figures like Mahatma Gandhi. During the historic Dandi March, when Gandhi hesitated to include women, fearing for their safety, Naidu insisted on their participation, emphasising the importance of presenting a united front against British colonial rule.

The caption also alludes to Naidu’s influence on Fatima Jinnah, describing how the latter admired her political career, fearless outspokenness, and unwavering commitment to the truth, even when it caused controversy. The post offers a glimpse into the multifaceted persona of Naidu, describing her as a soft and loving woman beneath her public image. Her poetry is noted for its enigmatic verses that continue to intrigue historians to this day.

Unfortunately, the partition of India and Pakistan not only divided geographical borders but also obscured the stories of remarkable heroes on the other side. The upcoming series, Fatima Jinnah: Sister | Revolutionist | Stateswoman, aims to rectify this historical oversight and bring to light the untold stories of these extraordinary women.

In a statement, the creators of the series expressed their honour in representing a character like Naidu on screen. “A leader, a writer, a woman,” they declared, capturing the essence of a historical figure whose legacy transcends boundaries. With Ilyas breathing life into the character of Naidu, audiences can anticipate a riveting portrayal that will undoubtedly shed light on the complexities of a remarkable woman who stood as a symbol of strength and resilience during a transformative period in history.

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