Spicy tortilla chip challenge blamed for San Francisco boy’s ‘poisoning’


Super-spicy tortilla chip challenge blamed for S.F. boy’s ‘poisoning’

Super-spicy tortilla chip challenge blamed for S.F. boy’s ‘poisoning’


SAN FRANCISCO — In San Francisco, the “One Chip Challenge” gave one family quite a scare. This after their 6th grader ate the chip and sent him into a near seizure-like state.

The challenge from Austin, Texas tortilla chip maker Paqui, involved sampling a chip said to be among the spiciest in the world and then going as long as possible before drinking anything to reduce the burn.

The one chip comes in a coffin-shape box and was guaranteed to shock the tastebuds. John Pedigo didn’t initially know that his son took the challenge when he received a call saying his son was poisoned at school.

“All these things are going through my head. Who poisoned him? Who could’ve given him something like that?” John Pedigo said.

The panic subsided when Pedigo reached the school and found out what really had happened.

“The administrator said he participated in the one-chip challenge and I was like ‘you got to be kidding me. Is that what this is?'”

His son Jack said that, after eating the chip, he started breathing heavily then the vomiting began.

“When I ate the chip, it was really spicy and all. When it was gone, I was fine, then I was sick, I was in the office and my stomach started hurting, my hands were stuck in this position. I couldn’t move them. I could barely open them up. It felt like they weren’t even my hands,” Jack said.

The Pedigos are thankful that it wasn’t worse, especially after hearing about a teen’s death in Massachusetts which is possibly linked to the One Chip Challenge.

“I would just want to spread awareness to other parents who might see this stuff or hear their kids talking about it or see the TikTok stuff and make aware that it’s not for kids,” John Pedigo said.

As for Jack, there’s no way he’s ever doing the challenge again.

“Lesson learned. I don’t need to say anything. What happened to him, I don’t think he will ever do it again,” said his dad.


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