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Last Updated: August 25, 2023, 12:29 IST

Mitu Saluja committed herself to her career wholeheartedly.

Mitu Saluja committed herself to her career wholeheartedly.

Mitu Saluja used her skill and imaginative prowess to inject an entirely fresh perspective into Khadi.

We often hear inspiring stories of women, who challenge patriarchy to bring a positive change in society. Mitu Saluja is one such woman. She is a fearless entrepreneur, who challenged conventional norms to forge her route to triumph. From an early age, Mitu envisioned herself as a fashion designer. She possessed a distinct fondness for Khadi, as she saw how her relatives wore it with pride. Mitu’s aspiration revolved around propelling Khadi into prominence, displaying its sophistication and distinctive qualities to a global audience.

Mitu got married at a time when the tradition of ghunghat (veiling the face) was widely prevalent in Haryana. At that time, Mitu felt the prospect of following her dream in fashion design was a distant dream. Even in the face of these obstacles, Mitu found encouragement from her husband. He emerged as her biggest support. He fostered Mitu’s ambitions and stood beside her throughout her journey. Mitu skillfully managed her obligations as a daughter-in-law, while committing herself to her career.

Armed with a strong resolve and determination, Mitu initiated her professional journey by harnessing the resources at her disposal. Her skill and imaginative prowess injected an entirely fresh perspective into Khadi, evolving it beyond its customary modesty into a runway-worthy fashion declaration. Through the fusion of Khadi and bridal attire, Mitu rekindled the enthusiasm of the younger generation, revitalising the charm of this exquisite textile.

Despite encountering doubt and disregard due to her origins in a small town, Mitu remained resolute and undeterred. Her endeavours not only bolstered the “Make in India” initiative but also championed ecological sustainability, given Khadi’s minimum water requirement during production. Khadi’s allure transcended boundaries, experiencing heightened demand in foreign nations, notably the US and Canada.

One of Mitu’s biggest accomplishments involved presenting Khadi as wedding attire on the fashion show runway, supported by the Indian government. This unexpected twist left everyone astounded. Her innovative Khadi line for the youth and bespoke bridal ensembles garnered immense acclaim. Mitu modestly acknowledges that the path to success has no shortcuts, demanding unwavering commitment and arduous exertion.

Mitu’s remarkable journey of conquering challenges stands as proof of how persistent efforts will definitely bring positive results. She has etched her own distinctive space in the fashion realm and consistently generates excitement with her inventive creations.


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