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Renowned Pakistani actor Mahira Khan recently took to her Instagram to share a reflective and heartfelt post, accompanied by a snippet of Coke Studio’s iconic song, Tu Jhoom. The post provided insight into the deeper philosophy and life lessons encapsulated within the song, while also celebrating the spirit of collaboration and paying it forward in the artistic community.

In the Instagram post, Mahira shared that she found the post in her saved drafts and felt that the timing was right to share it with her followers. She delved into the song, expressing that it goes beyond being just a beautiful soul-stirring composition. According to her, the song holds a philosophy and a way of life within its melody.

Tu Jhoom is so much more than just a beautiful soul-stirring song,” began the Humsafar actor. “In it, is the philosophy and a way of life. But when you watch these greats (Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal) sing opposite each other, there are lessons in that too. They seem to be doing what they are singing.” 

Mahira highlighted the essence of collaboration and mentorship showcased in the song’s performance. “Abida Parveen – the legend – who’s been sprinkled by God’s dust, is almost giving permission for another great singer to sing,” said Mahira. “Sing with all she has. While she sits and supports her. While she smiles as Naseebo’s voice soars. That is it. That is a great artist.”

The star then shared a broader philosophical perspective, emphasising the significance of paying it forward and creating space for others to shine. Mahira noted that true greatness lies in using one’s blessings to uplift others and celebrate their talents. She underscored that this act of creating opportunities for others to be celebrated is a form of submission to God’s will and a manifestation of the “jhoom” spirit, which signifies both dancing and surrender in Sufi philosophy.

“What is life if we don’t pay it forward?” pondered Mahira. “Whatever you have been blessed with, use that, to bless others. Create the space for others to shine, and for others to be celebrated. That’s greatness. That is submission to God in its truest sense…that is to jhoom.”

The profound insights shared by Mahira resonated deeply with her followers, sparking a meaningful dialogue on the importance of collaboration, mentorship, and supporting fellow artists. Her post also garnered comments from fans, fellow artists, and admirers who praised her wisdom and the values she highlighted.

Tu Jhoom was the first track from Season 14 of Coke Studio. An already explosive instalment of the series that gave the world hits like Pasoori, and Peeche Hutt, Tu Jhoom set the tone for the season with its evocative lyrics and absolute masterclasses of performances by two musical maestros who weaved magic with their voices.

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