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What questions do you have about the Commanders? Ask The Post.


So this is still a little crazy and surreal to type, but here goes:

Washington’s NFL team is no longer owned by Daniel Snyder.

Drink it in. We are now entering Week 1 of the post-Snyder era. Josh Harris’s tenure as owner officially kicks off with Sunday’s opener against Arizona — an opener for which FedEx Field is already sold out. Ingrained pessimism has somehow been replaced by boundless optimism.

With all that going on, we thought it would be perfect to kick off a fall season of chats by welcoming in Nicki Jhabvala, our lead Commanders beat writer, to join me in trying to answer all of your Commanders questions big and small. Coach and quarterback. Owner and stadium. Whatever!

And a note: As we reintroduce the sports chat, we will be trying a new format. Rather than the every-Tuesday-afternoon-at-1 p.m. approach, we are going to try to react to news more often. (We tried this with the news of Stephen Strasburg’s retirement a couple of weeks ago and it worked well.) So instead of trying to come up with a topic, we’ll wait for the topics to present themselves — and jump on them.

We hope that will make the chats more relevant and lively. For this week: We start at 1 p.m. Tuesday, but get those questions in early below!

Send us your questions below. The question box includes a space for your name, but this is optional. Your question may be edited for accuracy and clarity.

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