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Nazish Jahangir is clearing the air on comments she made previously regarding Alizeh Shah’s appearance during an interview on Nadir Ali’s podcast. She recently appeared as a guest on Momin Saqib’s live-audience talk show Had Kar Di and claimed that what she said about Alized was misquoted by media outlets.“Why would her surgery be an issue for me? Alizeh Shah, my dear, you are beautiful, and you always have been,” said Nazish while discussing the matter with Momin.

On the Nadir Ali podcast, the actor was asked about her ‘viral opinion’ on her younger colleague’s seemingly enhanced appearance, with the host assuming and claiming that she had gotten surgeries done on her face to change her features.

“Alizeh bohat pyaari hai (Alizeh is very beautiful),” stated Nazish as Nadir continued to probe her to say something negative about Alizeh. She went on to say “Alizeh itni pyaari thi (Alizeh used to be so beautiful)”, but before she could even finish what she was saying, the podcast host picked up on her use of the past tense and emphasized it to suggest that she thought she was pretty but no longer holds the same opinion.

Sharing the story of when she saw and met Alizeh for the first time at a shoot, Nazish recalled that Alizeh looked just like a doll with her doe eyes and crystal-clear skin. She pointed out that that was almost five years ago and it’s possible that age had a role to play in how the Ehd-e-Wafa star’s face has evolved over the years.

Despite Nazish’s best attempts to avoid saying anything negative, she was not careful with her choice of words and ended up getting in trouble for implying that Alizeh was once beautiful but had lost her beauty post her alleged cosmetic surgery/procedures. What further gained her criticism was her suggestion that Alizeh was unable to handle her fame responsibly.

Bus wohi baat hai. Fame mil jata hai, fame sanmbhala nahi jata (That’s just it. You gain fame, but fame is not easy to handle).”

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