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American singer Joe Jonas and Game of Thrones famed star Sophie Turner recently confirmed they are headed for a split after four years of marriage. The couple made the announcement in a joint statement on their social media accounts. According to TMZ, Jonas initiated the divorce proceedings.

While the statement on their Instagram read the the decision to end the marriage after “four wonderful years” was amicable, the internet is abuzz with a different narrative. The couple may have preempted or witnessed the same, adding in their statement, “There are many speculative narratives as to why, but, truly, this is a united decision and we sincerely hope that everyone can respect our wishes for privacy for us and our children.” However, as they say, there is no smoke without fire.

A string of posts credited to TMZ by tabloid Pop Base seem to allege that Turner may have been the problem in the relationship. In less than a week, multiple posts from the tabloid began crafting a narrative that seemed to resolutely paint Turner as the villain. After reporting the initial divorce news, the publication shared, “A source tells TMZ the reason Joe Jonas filed for divorce from Sophie Turner: ‘She likes to party, he likes to stay at home. They have very different lifestyles.’” Another read, “A ‘source’ tells Page Six that Joe Jonas tried to ‘salvage’ his marriage with Sophie Turner before filing for divorce: ‘Divorce was a last resort for Joe. He never wanted to break up his family, but he had to take what he felt was the best course of action for his girls.'”

Yet another post alleged, “Sources tell TMZ that Joe Jonas filed for divorce after allegedly catching Sophie Turner doing or saying something on a ring camera: ‘Joe had access to a ring cam that he said captured Sophie saying and/or doing something that made him realise the marriage was over.’” Despite the joint statement, tabloids continued to air the flames of speculation. Another post read, “Sophie Turner’s team had ‘no comment’ to TMZ on the allegation that Joe Jonas filed for divorce after catching her doing/saying something on a ring camera.”

Here’s the thing, though. The “bad woman, bad mother” narrative is one that has been done to death. While many are buying it, there are quite a few who want to know who the “source” behind all these statements is. The legitimacy of the same is being questioned, with many pointing fingers at Jonas. One X user stated, “Joe Jonas’ PR team is working overtime to paint Sophie Turner bad. First, they said she was a party animal, when that didn’t work, they’re changing their lies. Stop, oh my God!”

Indeed, many began wondering if the JoBro was, indeed, the problem. A video was shared by one user, detailing how the singer essentially took away Turner’s twenties, and how his alleged PR team needs to stop painting Turner as a “party girl” when she, herself, spoke up about being a homebody in a past interview during COVID. In fact, she was seen expressing gratitude for the time she then had to spend with her husband who is the “social butterfly.”

Some people then went on to point out how he was much older than Turner when he approached her. “Wasn’t Sophie like 19 when Joe was in her DMs in the first place?” questioned one X user. “19 and he was 26,” responded another. “He’s disgusting. It’s so clear that he’s leaking these terrible stories. So cruel and pointless,” said yet another observer of the situation.

The support for Turner became louder with each revelation by the “source,” backfiring on the famed Jonas Brother. “In this house, we will always support the Queen in the North over some random Jonas brother,” said one X user. “She is being so so smart by not saying a word,” said another, commending Turner’s patience.

In all of this, a series of pictures were seen circulating of Jonas with his children. “Joe Jonas ditches wedding ring, dines with daughters after filing for divorce from Sophie Turner,” shared Page Six, and the internet did not take kindly to what seemed to many “a staged photo-op” with the singer’s own children.

“The first time we ever see these kids and it’s for a staged photo op after he decides to divorce his wife. Interesting stuff,” noted one X user. “He thinks he’s making stellar PR moves and all it does is make hate him more,” said another. Many also highlighted how it was strange for Jonas to showcase his kids amidst the divorce when efforts were put in place to ensure their privacy previously.

“The fact that they’ve put several years worth of effort into protecting their daughters’ privacy only for Joe to use said daughters in an attempt to control the narrative surrounding the divorce not only makes him look worse, it just flat out makes him worse,” noted an observer. One user of the microblogging site pointed out, “It only took a billion orchestrated smear campaigns against women for the public to start recognising a potential smear campaign against a woman.”

The publication, as of late, seemed to have changed its tune. A recent post stated, “Sources tell TMZ that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner began having problems when he became “less than supportive” as she struggled with post-birth of their second child, and pressured her into attending events…After their youngest child was born a year ago in July, Sophie didn’t want to leave their home…She didn’t want to be photographed or go to events…Our sources say Joe complained Sophie was missing in action and felt she needed to get out more.”

As of now, the internet is divided between the Queen in the North and their favourite JoBro. As matters continue to unfold, one can only hope for a truly amicable split that does not negatively impact any of the parties involved.

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