‘Blast, bulldoze and disregard’


The Parliament House building in Islamabad. — Senate.gov.pk/File
The Parliament House building in Islamabad. — Senate.gov.pk/File

The aim is to achieve goals quickly and decisively. The idea is to forcefully ignore or bypass obstacles, challenges and objections. 

To “blast” is to use explosive force or intense energy to clear a path or remove obstacles. It implies a swift and powerful action to achieve set goals and objectives.

When someone “blasts through” something, they are pushing forward aggressively, ignoring any potential resistance or barriers.

To “bulldoze” is to use heavy machinery (a bulldozer, for instance) to clear a path by physically pushing aside obstacles. In a figurative sense, “bulldozing” refers to a forceful or determined approach to overcoming obstacles.

“Disregard” means to pay no attention to something or to intentionally ignore it. When someone “disregards” something, they are typically dismissing it as unimportant or irrelevant to their goals or plans.

The overarching objective is to attain economic prosperity, yet it is challenged by two significant impediments: political instability and a lack of policy continuity. 

In cases where State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) pose a hindrance, robust measures will be employed to pursue economic prosperity, often with a disregard for potential resistance or barriers. 

Conversely, when rampant smuggling presents a roadblock, expect the deployment of decisive force or intense efforts to eliminate these obstacles and pave the way for economic prosperity.

The goal is to foster sustainable economic growth, a goal hampered by the twin challenges of terrorism and corruption. In addressing these formidable obstacles, expect the implementation of resolute and multifaceted strategies aimed at realising economic growth.

To counteract the threat of terrorism, a comprehensive approach will be adopted. The battle against corruption will be waged through stringent anti-corruption measures and robust governance reforms.

These actions aim not only to remove obstacles but also to lay the groundwork for a more prosperous and secure future.

In summary, the phrase “blast, bulldoze, and disregard” collectively conveys a sense of aggressively and forcefully pushing through obstacles or challenges to achieve preset targets.

It suggests a determined and single-minded approach to achieving a goal, even if it means ignoring objections, concerns, or established protocols along the way.

This shift in strategy to ‘blast, bulldoze and disregard’ underscores our commitment to finding solutions that have been elusive through conventional means. The multitude of alternatives we’ve pursued and experimented with has brought us to this decisive juncture.

While these forceful actions may appear uncompromising, they are driven by the necessity to create a stable and prosperous future.

By confronting issues such as political instability, policy gaps, terrorism, and corruption with unwavering resolve, the aim is not only to remove barriers but also to lay down the foundations for lasting progress. 

In this spirit, we all must march forward, steadfast in our dedication to achieving our goals quickly and decisively, leaving no impediment unaddressed on our path to a brighter and more prosperous future for all.

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